Hustler Raptor

Hustler’s all new Raptor is designed to the highest of standards and is poised to lead the zero-turn market in the entry level category, delivering the best-in-class overall value versus the competition. The Raptor is powered by an industry preferred Kawasaki engine and is built with a fabricated steel deck, setting it apart from all other products in its market. The Raptor also features Hustler’s patented SmoothTrak Steering and its Automated Park Brake System. The Raptor is built with the same great quality Hustler has been committed to for almost fifty years and is backed by Hustler’s industry leading three-year warranty* and unmatched customer care.

  • Heavy Duty Fabricated / welded steel decks, not stamped.
  • Kawasaki V Twin engines
  • Heaviest duty steel frame in its class
  • SmoothTrak steering
  • Patented integrated park brake system, built into levers
  • Heaviest duty front caster forks and large bearings
  • 18" drive tires
  • 11" front tires
  • 7 mph
Hustler Raptor Limited
Hustler’s all new Raptor is designed to the highest of standards and is poised to lead the zero-turn market in the entry level category, delivering the best-in-class overall value versus the competition. The Raptor is built with the same great quality Hustler has been committed to for fifty years and is backed by Hustler’s industry leading three-year warranty and unmatched customer care.

The Raptor Limited has a few upgrades from the base Raptor such as:
Upgraded premium seat with armrests
Wider front and rear tires for better stability
Hour meter and Flex forks Standard

Now Available with a 42" and 52" deck
Hustler Raptor and Raptor Limited 2 Bag Catcher

5.4 bushel capacity
Includes High lift bagging blade.
$895.00 + install

 Hustler Raptor Super Duty

The Raptor® SD is a low profile, heavy-duty premium residential zero-turn with a deep fabricated steel deck, toughest front end with large 13 x 6.50 front tires, and exceptional control and handling. The Raptor SD also features an industry leading Kawasaki engine that provides unmatched power versus the competition.
  • Heavy-duty, deep fabricated steel decks - more durable
  • Premium Kawasaki engines
  • Fabricated Heavy Duty Steel Frame - Best in Category
  • SmoothTrak™ steering
  • Patented automatic park brake system, built into levers
  • Heavy duty front caster forks with industrial steel ball bearings
  • 20” drive tires
  • 13 x 6.5” front caster tires
  • 3 gal. fuel capacity
  • 7.5 mph​
Hustler Raptor Flip Up
The Raptor® Flip-Up features patent pending QuickFlip™ Technology. Effortless cleaning and blade changing, automated deck height adjustment, and less required storage space....all at the push of a button. The Flip-Up also features a Premium Kawasaki 23hp engine. Other features include a heavy-duty fabricated steel deck, Hustler’s patented automatic brake system, and a 4 Year/ 400 hour limited warranty.

 Hustler Fastrak
This ain't your neighbor's mower... though he'll wish it were. The Hustler FasTrak™ has all the strength, durability and power needed for commercial use. As proof, we offer a remarkable 4-year limited residential warranty plus limited lifetime warranties on the frame and leading edge of the deck. That's a serious mower.But we designed the FasTrak with the homeowner in mind. Even though the frame is forged of heavy-duty steel, the zero-radius SmoothTrak™ steering is easy to use and will edge your flower bed with the finesse of a gardener. Its power makes quick work of the most expansive lawns. Yet it's comfy enough for the most discriminating operator. Once you drive a FasTrak, mowing will never be the same.


  • 48" 54" or 60" side-discharge with mulch kit option
  • Beautiful quality of cut. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood
  • Standard hour meter
  • Simplest maintenance in the industry
  • 0-8 mph to get the job done fast
  • Commercial duty sealed deck spindles
  • Commercial duty ZT 3100 transmissions
 Hustler Fastrak SDX

The FasTrak® SDX comes equipped with an upgraded custom seat, bigger tires, and a Kawasaki FX engine that provides strength and reliability. The FasTrak SDX is the perfect move for the contractor looking for all day performance at a value price.

Kawasaki FX Premium Commercial Engines w/ remote canister air cleaner
Hydro-Gear Commercial ZT 3400 Transmissions
Internal suspension seat w/ OPERATOR ISOLATION
23” drive tires
Commercial welded steel decks Toughest frame, front forks, and deck in the industry Commercial grade 200ft-lbs clutch

4Year/1000 hour warranty

Hustler X-1
We designed the X-ONE™ mainframe with heavy-gauge rectangular tubing for strength. Then we narrowed the body, allowing the X-ONE to carry three different deck sizes to meet any user's needs. With a top speed of 10.5 mph, the X-ONE makes quick work of the largest jobs. With the perfect combination of power and versatility, the X-ONE can do it all.
  • Parker unitized 12cc/rev pump & 15.9ci rev wheel motors
  • Welded steel 52", 60", 72" deep decks and 54" or 60" rear discharge decks
  • Up to 29 hp engine options in Kawasaki or Kohler engines
  • 10.5mph
Hustler Super Z
The Super Z is a commercial model that is a step up from the X-ONE. Its redesigned features include a commercial duty 21cc pump, a Parker TG series wheel motor with hot oil shuttle and large-capacity oil cooler with 8-inch fan. The Super Z also features Kawasaki engines and VX4® deck technology.
  • HyperDriveTM Hydro System--Industrial Grade Pumps and Motors
  • VX4TM Deck Technology provides the best finished appearance period!
  • New 60", 66", or 72" side discharge decks
  • 60" or 72" rear discharge decks
  • Simple design
  • SmoothTrak Steering - responsive precise control
  • Grammar Suspension Seats with Isolator
  • Kawasaki engine options up to 35 HP.
  • Or Kohler EFI up to 33 HP
  • 14 MPH
Starting at $17,500.00
Super Z Hyperdrive
The new Super Z HyperDrive® is designed with the industry leading HyperDrive® System and VX4® deck technology. New enhanced features include 26-inch tires, premium Grammer suspension seat and a faster ground speed of 16mph. The Super Z HyperDrive® is backed by 3 or 5-year limited warranty* and 5-year/3000 hour warranty* on the HyperDrive® Hydro System.

Available in 60" or 72" width in Side discharge and rear.
Prices starting at $19500.00.

 Hustler Z Diesel
For operators who want the convenience of a diesel-fueled mower, the Hustler Z™ Diesel has the high-torque power to get the job done. The Z Diesel's heavy-duty 25 hp engine is positioned over the drive tires, distributing weight where it's most productive. A compact frame and low center of gravity give this mower increased stability. Boasting a top speed of 12 mph and Hustler's proprietary SmoothTrak™ Steering, the Hustler Z Diesel works hard and works fast, making it a great addition to any commercial fleet.

  • 54", 60", 66", or 72" side-discharge XR-7TMdecks
  • 60", or 72" rear-discharge decks
  • Clean, compact design. Much more compact than competitive units
  • Engine mounted sideways for serviceability and compactness
  • Patented belt drive system provides up to 3X longer belt life
  • Over 18,000 fpm blade tip speed -- superior quality of cut
  • Wide stance, low center of gravity
  • Simplest maintenance in the industry--no daily lube points
  • Durable rubberized discharge chute
  • Toughest frame, front forks, and deck in the industry
  • 12-mph top speed--get the job done fast
  • Grammar suspension seat with Isolator
  • Prices Starting at $22,700.00
 Hustler Super 104

The Super 104 is an affordable wide-area mower with the maneuverability of a zero-turn. Features include Kawasaki FX1000 engine, 104” cutting width, Hyper-Drive System, Grammer premium suspension seat (standard), simple, service friendly design, and hydraulic wing deck lift. The Super 104 can mow up to 84 acres in 8 hours at 10mph and will mow where most wide-area mowers cannot.

  • Wide area 104" width of cut
  • Wings can be folded up to achieve 80" wide for transport
  • HyperDrive™ Hydro System - Industrial Grade Pumps and Motors
  • Simple design
  • SmoothTrak™ Steering - responsive precise control
  • 11 mph
  • Available with either a 37hp Vanguard Big block EFI or 36hp Vanguard big block engine
  • Prices Starting at $32,538.00
Hustler Trimstar
 The TrimStar™ is the most innovative walk-behind machine in the professional mowing industry. Our patented H-Bar™ steering is the easiest-to-use walk-behind system in the field, reducing operator fatigue. The TrimStar is a unique machine on it's own, but it can fit nicely in a fleet when operators have hard to reach places that pose problems for conventional "Z" mowers. When it comes to commercial mowing, we walk the walk.

  • 36”, 48”, or 54" side discharge decks
  • Patented H-BarTM Plus steering system - the easiest to learn, easiest-to-use walk-behind steering system. The mower glides over the lawn effortlessly!
  • 3.6 gallon fuel tank with sight-line
  • Optional electric start 54”
  • No daily lube points!
  • 14.5 hp, 15 hp, 18.5 hp, & 23 hp Kawasaki air-cooled gasoline engines
  • Superior drive system - integrated, serviceable ZT2800 transmissions
  • Wide stance for excellent stability
  • Best blade-spindle design in the industry!
Hustler Super S
Finally, a stand-on mower worthy of the Hustler name. Featuring best-in-class performance, comfort and strength.

- Compact stance - great for tight spaces and trailering
- Toughest frame and deck in category
- Best-in-class operator comfort and positioning
- Most operator friendly ergonomic controls
- 1.5" - 5.5" cut height - more range, more flexibility
- Up to 9 mph ground speed
- Signature Hustler SmoothTrak™ steering for complete control
Available in many deck sizes, 36", 48",52" or 60" with either Kawasaki or Kohler V Twin engines
Prices Starting at $12,035.00