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All Shindaiwa Products feature a 5 year residential waranty.
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Shindaiwa's Speed feed head
Shindaiwa's new speed feed head is the quickest loading head in the industry and can be loaded in 30 seconds or less. It comes standard on all Shindaiwa trimmers and can be added to any trimmer with the included adaptor kits
Check out the video and see how easy refilling your trimmer line could be with a Shindaiwa speed feed head
Shindaiwa Trimmers are big on power and low on weight.  A choice of engine technologies - either traditional 2-stroke or the new Hybrid 4™ - makes them right for any environment.  The stars of the show are the T254 and T344 powered by Hybrid 4™ engine technology.  The all new T254 and T344 feature beefed up gear cases for more torque to the cutting head for maximum performance in the toughest conditions.
Introducing Shindaiwa Chainsaws - Designed for Performance

Shindaiwa is proud to introduce a full line-up of seven rugged chain saws built for pro users and discriminating consumers. As with all Shindaiwa products, these are professional grade chain saws designed for high perforance, easy handling, and long lasting durability. They're also backed by industry leading 1-Year commerical and 5-Year consumer warranties. The line up ranges from 30.5 cc engines to 59.8 cc. Shindaiwa chain saws incorporate professional features that utilize the best technology and outstanding designs to perform in the harshest conditions. With seven models to choose from, there's a Shindaiwa chain saw that's right for you.

Available models under 50CC
Model 305S 340S 358TS 402S
Displacement 30.5cc 34.0cc 35.8cc 40.2cc
Dry Weight 8.8lbs 8.8lbs 8lbs 10.1lbs
Fuel Capacity 248ml 248ml 331ml 411ml
Handle style Rear Rear Top Rear
Bar lengths available 14" 16" 14",16" 18"
Price $309.00 $379.00 14"$539,16"$549 $509.00

Models over 50CC
Model 491S 591 600SX
Displacement 50.2cc 59.8cc 59.8cc
Dry Weight 10.6lbs 13.2lbs 13.7lbs
Fuel Capacity 499ml 645ml 645ml
Handle Style Rear Rear Rear
Bar Lengths Available 16",18",20" 18",20" 20",24"
Price $499,$509,$519 $599,$609 $829,$839

Shindaiwa Brushcutters have a world-wide reputation for performance and durability. Anti-vibration systems and professional-quality harnesses make operating them smooth and comfortable in any conditions. Additional features include solid steel main shafts and a 4-bearing gear case.

Available Models/Specs
Model C282 C262 C242 C344
Displacement 28.9cc 25.4cc 23.9cc 34cc
Dry Weight 14.2lbs 14.1lbs 12.3lbs 15.8lbs
Overall Length 70 in 71.1 in 67.6 in 72.1 in
Fuel Capacity 751ml 594ml 621ml 701ml
Cutting Swath 20 in 20 in 20 in 20 in
Price $649 $539 $539 $679

 Articulated Hedge Trimmers

Shindaiwa Articulated Hedge Trimmers offer a choice of two engine technologies and models featuring 66 inch / 1.68 m or 93 inch / 2.36 m of total length for the power - and range - for any job.  The chrome-plated, double-reciprocating 22 inch / 56 cm blades make quick work of any hedge.  The easily adjustable articulated gear case rotates either 135° or 150° depending on model and transfers amazing torque to the blades.
Available Models/Specs
Model AH254 AHS254 AHS242 AH242
Displacement 24.5cc 24.5cc 23.9cc 23.9cc
Dry Weight 14.1lbs 14lbs 13.2lbs 13.6lbs
Overall Length 93.3in 65.7in 68.2in 94in
Range Of Articulation 150° 135° 135° 150°
Fuel Capacity 594ml 594ml 670ml 689ml
Price $749 $759 $729 $739
Back Pack Blowers
Shindaiwa Blowers feature two of the largest displacement engines in the backpack market and two of the most powerful. Each model features double-adjusting shoulder straps, padded backrests and ergonomically positioned controls for all day comfort. Handheld blowers are lightweight and powerful offering excellent fuel efficiency and feature low tone Hybrid 4™ engines for operation in noise sensitive environments.
Available Models/Specs
Model EB600RT EB633RT EB802 EB802RT EB854 EB854RT
Displacement 58.2cc 63.3cc 79.2cc 79.2cc 79.7cc 79.7cc
Dry Weight 22.6 Lbs N/A 22.9 lbs 22.7 lbs 26.02 lbs 25.4 lbs
Fuel Capacity 1830ml N/A 2000ml 2000ml 2000ml 2000ml
Air Volume N/A N/A 730 CFM 730 CFM 665 CFM 760CFM
Air Speed 346 KPH N/A 324 KPH 307 KPH 343 KPH 324 KPH
Price $529 $649 $699 $699 $759 $759
Handheld Blowers
Handheld blowers are lightweight and powerful offering excellent fuel efficiency and feature low tone Hybrid 4™ engines for operation in noise sensitive environments.
Available Models/Specs
Model EB212 EB252 EB344
Displacement 21.2cc 25.4cc 34cc
Dry Weight 8.8lbs 8.6 lbs 11.2 lbs
Fuel Capacity 500ml 550ml 603ml
Air Volume 290 CFM 453 CFM 375 CFM
Air Speed 150mph 170mph 230mph

Hedge Trimmers
Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmers are the only hedge trimmers in the industry that offer a choice of either dependable 2-stroke or innovative Hybrid 4 engine technologies and two blade lengths for each model.  Hybrid 4 models include an aluminum support bar that's lighter than a steel version and the U-shape provides for less blade flex resulting in optimum performance.  They have the highest torque and lowest emissions available.  The chrome-plated, double-reciprocating blades slice "lightning quick" for precise-looking cuts and edges.
Available Models/Specs
DH235-30 DH254-24 HT232 HT254-30
Displacement 21.2cc 24.5cc 21.2cc 24.5cc
Dry Weight 11.4 LBS 13 LBS 14.2lbs 12.5/
Overall Length 46.85" 43.3 41.5 43.3
Fuel Capacity 369ml 550ml 369ml 550ml
$729 $689 $709 $569
Few things say "professional" like a crisp edge between a lawn and sidewalk or driveway, and Shindaiwa edgers make it easy to leave a perfect edge, every time.   Commercial features such as a height-adjustable guide wheel, open-face shield and steel skid plate coupled with either 2-stroke or Hybrid 4™ engine technology power through the toughest grass and dirt to make it easy to finish off a job so you can move on to the next property.
Available Models/Specs
Model LE254 LE242
Displacement 24.5cc 23.9cc
Dry Weight 14lbs 13.4lbs
Overall Length 69.7 in 69.7 in
Fuel Capacity 594ml 689ml
Price $529 nla
Water Pump
Shindaiwa's GP344 pump is equipped with dependable Hybrid 4™ technology and has plenty of power to pump water.
Available Models/Specs
Model GP344
Displacement 34cc
Dry Weight 15.6 lbs
Discharge Capacity 34.3 gpm / 130 lpm
Total Head Lift 157 ft / 48 m
Suction Head Lift 26.25 ft / 8 m
Fuel Capacity 21.8 fl. oz / 645 ml
Shindaiwa Spreaders are engineered for tough applications and built to last.  All four models feature large rubber tires for effortless movement across all types of surfaces and are factory-calibrated to ensure consistent application of a variety of materials.  Each one also has a rotary agitator to stir material.  The RS40, RS60 and RS76 feature an epoxy-powder coated frame to fight corrosion and the RS76S features a stainless steel frame to withstand the harshest and last a long time.
Available Models/Specs
Model RS41 RS60 RS76 RS76S
Dy Weight 13.6lbs 22.5 lbs 26.8 lbs 26.8 lbs
Hopper Height 22 in 27 in 27 in 27 in
Handle Length 31 in 31 in 36 in 36 in
Hopper Capacity 0.75 cu ft 1.3 cu ft 1.3 cu ft 1.3 cu ft
Tires 10 13 13 13
Frame Material Plastic Metal Metal Stainless Steel
Price $199 $319 $449 $579
Shindaiwa Sprayers are available in either handheld or backpack styles.  Across the entire product line, features include lightweight tanks with UV inhibitors marked in both gallons and liters, comfort grip handles with a lock-on or lock-off feature, heavy duty tubes, and 30" wands that include three nozzles:  brass adjustable, fixed fan and fixed cone.  All models feature a piston pump with VITON™ seals and backpack versions also feature 4-stage filters along with extra padding for back and waist support.  The SP30BPE and SP45PBE feature uniquely-designed "euro-style" tanks.
Available Models/Specs
Dry Weight 4.6 lbs 10.5 lbs 10.2 lbs 12.4 lbs
Tank Capacity 7.6 L 15.1 L 11.4 L 18.9 L
Tank Filler Diameter 4 in 4.5 in 4.5 in 4.5 in
Pump Type Piston Piston Piston Piston
Max Pump Pressure 45 psi 90 psi 90 psi 90 psi
Wand Length 28 in 28 in 28 in 28 in
Hose Length 48 in 48 in 48 in 48 in
Price $89 $169 $149 $159
Multi Tool System
Shindaiwa's Multi-Tool System is built for the commercial user looking for maximum versatility from a single tool.  Its simple interlocking connection allows a single power source to be used with up to seven different attachments, ensuring you have the right tool to accomplish the task at hand.  Available in either 2-stroke or Hybrid 4™, the Multi-Tool is a great economical alternative to dedicated units.
Available Models/Specs
Model M242 M254
Displacement 23.9cc 24.5cc
Dry Weight 9.8 lbs 10 lbs
Fuel Capacity 689ml 594ml
Price $419 $449
Shindaiwa Multi Tool Attachments
Price $299
Price 169.95
Price 419.95
Price 369.95
Price $129 -50% if bought with power head and one additional attachment
Price $339.95
Price $249.95
Price $169.95
Price $299