Diamond Master Groomer

Model: B-DM-6

The Bannerman B-DM-6 Diamond Master Groomer is 6' wide and incorporates five separate tools that are individually - and easily - adjustable with the aid of screw jacks. Standard equipment includes Ripper Blade, Rake Leveller, Roller, Brush, Integral Tool-Carrying Tray and Three-Point Hitch Frame

Ballpark 4 or 6
Model B-BP-4, B-BP-6

The Ballpark 4 Groomer is the newest addition to the Bannerman line of equipment. In a 4 or 6' width, they have combined five essential and individually-adjustable grooming tools for speed, dependability and quality finished surface.


Model: BA-4 Air-ject Aerator

Aeration encourages roots to grow deeper by increasing the oxygen supply to the root zone for healthy green grass. The Bannerman BA-4 Air-Ject Aerator is a commercial grade self-propelled, walk behind aerator.

The Air-Ject can now be fitted with a total of 4 different types of tines: CoreSlitterFracture and Spiker. Our compact size allows for easy and safe operation in confined areas, and less operator fatigue.

Our new tine reel assemblies allow for smoother operation, and more holes per square yard.  The unique front tine reel system allows for the most maneuverability and speed in the industry.  Simply tilt back and turn; no more lifting and lowering like a rear tine aerator. Ballast weight bars maintain maximum penetration in the ground.


Engine: 4 cycle Honda GX120

Horsepower: 4.0

Gear Reduction: 6 to 1

Working Weight: 240 lbs (109.9 kg)

Working Width: 27"

Bar Weights: 4 bars x 16 lbs (7.25 kg)


Multiject Aerator

Utilize this 4' platform for all your aeration needs. Change between core tines, slicing tines or shatter tines. Aeration revitalizes and encourages roots to grow deeper by increasing the oxygen supply to the root zone for healthy, dense, green grass. The new tine reel assemblies allow for smoother operation, and more holes per square yard.

Superject Aerator

The Bannerman BA-6100 Super Ject Aerator, with 5 different tine styles available and two transport modes, is the most versitile 6' aerator you'll ever own.

Batwing Aerator

Maximum benefits from lateral "under the surface cultivation" Designed and engineered for fast, deep aeration on sportsfields.

Parks And Playground Seeder

The Parks and Playground Seeder uses two methods of roughing or opening the turf to ensure seed/soil contact. This versitile, easy-to-use seeder is ideal for thickening turf and filling in worn or bare spots. 

Simple Dimple Seeder

The Bannerman Simple Dimple Seeder is designed for use on fine to regular turf areas. Whether it's golf, soccer, football and polo fields, or parks and playgrounds, the Bannerman Simple Dimple Seeder is versitile and easy to use. With an operating width of 50", this fine-tuned unit is a popular choice because its dimpling feature means seeding does not interrupt play.

The Simple Dimple Seeders' seed shaft is driven by the forward motion of the machine when the dimpling roller is in contact with the ground. The dimpling shaft, in turn, drives the seed shaft at a given rate through a range of gear choices available for a variety of seeding requirements. The dimple shaft creates thousands of dimples into which the seed is broadcast by the calibrated seed shaft.


Pre-Line Mower
Model: B-12-35B&S

Save up to 50 percent of wet lining paints and dry lining materials by pre-mowing boundaries and foul lines to a recommended height of 1-inch or lower, prior to lining sports fields. Bannerman's Pre-Line Mower features open side guards that allow clippings to be evenly spread to either side, leaving a clear path to accept lining materials.

All wheels are within the width of the cut and leave no wheel marks on the grassed area. Ideal from the sports field perspective, the mower features a 12-inch width of cut to establish or highlight 2, 3, or 4 inch lines.


Engine: 4.0 Briggs & Stratton

Blade: 12" lift type

Wheels: Heavy-duty 8" x 1.75" steel disc with ball bearings and grease fittings

Weight: 55 lbs (25kg)

Diamond Edger
Model: B-DE-20

With its adjustable guide shoe and three point hitch hook-up, the Diamond Edger is surprisingly easy to use. The 3" blade depth and reversible, 20" concave disc work together to quickly eliminate ridging. Debris is spiraled into the infield for fast and easy clean-up. It also makes quick work of edging cart-paths on golf courses.

Wet Line Marker
Model: B-WLM

The Bannerman Wet Line Marker is a simple, practical tool for line-marking on grass surfaces using low-cost latex paint. A sturdy, well-balanced machine, the two wide, pneumatic tires at the base of the handle create a comfortable fulcrum for raising the marking belt off the ground for easy turning and manouvering. marking with low-cost latex paint with no dust or vapours.

Turf Drainer
Model: B-TR-7-TB

The Bannerman Turf Drainer is the quick and easy way of removing unwanted surface water from any turf surface. The Turf Drainer is specially designed to minimize surface disturbance. Quick connect three point hitch, complete with rolling coulter and keel plate with bullet nose.

Mini Topper 
Model: B-MTD

Virtually any area of natural grass can benefit from an application of good rich organic top dressing soil at least once a year.

The Bannerman Mini-Topper is designed to apply top dressing evenly on small to medium sized high wear turf grass areas or residential lawns. The spreading drum is wheel driven and has a spreading width of 24”. The Mini-Topper is equipped with adjustable front & rear brushes, to easily control the flow rate of materials

You can also spread composted manure, peat moss, or vermiculite. You can even spread sand if you buy the sand drum option. Top dressing turf grass areas after overseeding will help to ensure faster growth and thicker, healthier grass plants.


Capacity: 3.5 cu. ft. (100 litres)

Height: 24"

Weight: 66 lbs

Width: 35"

Spreading Width: 24"

Turf Topper
Model BTD-20

There's more to building a big capacity top dresser than building a bigger box.The BTD-20 is the original big capacity precision built top dresser designed specifically for sportsturf maintenance.

The Bannerman Turf-Topper BTD-20 is precision engineered for speed, accuracy, and uniform dispensing of material. It will handle any combination of sand, loam, peat moss, manure or fertilizer, spreading uniformly to any desired depth, 1/4" minimum to 3" maximum.

The conveyor floor which is driven directly by hydraulics with over 20 calibrated speeds. The tractor PTO ensures a continuous and uniformflow of top dress material through the contra-rotation of the spreader drum.

The spreader drum breaks up any lumps in material with its scores of little paddles and ensures a fine and uniform texture.

The Turf-Topper is fitted with large flotation tires for minimum ground compaction and a patented 80 degree u-joint to eliminate chatter in the PTO when turning sharply. If you are looking for a top dresser like the Bannerman Turf-Topper we know your a pro, so were not going to tell you how fast you can top dress your field.


Capacity: 3 cubic yards (4.1 with sills)

Minimum Gallons per Minute: 5.5

Minimum Litres per Minute: 25

Spread Width: 58" (147 cm)

Weight Empty: 1950 lbs (850 kg)

Weight Loaded: 8250 lbs (3700 kg)

Minimum Tractor Capacity: 25 horsepower

Bannerman IS-F145

The Bannerman/Re-Mac Debris & Stone Burier is designed to cultivate, grate, bury stones as well as debris, leaving behind a leveled blanket of fine soil.


Working width of 1.45 meters (57 inches) for tractors from 30 to 45 HP

Standard Cat #1 & #2 Three Point Hitch System

Complete with: PTO shear bolt shaft, leveling grader blade on screw jacks, rear adjustable “net” roller, 28 special contra rotating blades, and 9mm spring debris tines on 5/8” centers

Bannerman BTD-10 Sports Topper

The Sport Topper is a medium-capacity, precision-built, hydraulically powered top dresser. It has a variable-speed conveyor floor and high speed dispensing brush that can place sand topdressing down in grass plant, and fill aeration holes to a depth of 30%.

They are capable of spreading sand, sand peat loam, sand/soil, organic top soil with leaf mould and reclaimed sewage sludge, manures and soil mix, calcined clay for ball diamond and other infield ball diamond mixes, agregate stone dust, bark chips, and grass clippings.


• Powered by tractor hydraulics or optional engine drive hydraulic power pack

• “Walking-beam” axle – tires never crush the turf surface

• Treadles turf tires – consistent pressure of only 8-10 p.s.i. on the surface

• Towable with any turf vehicle

• Topdress wet or dry materials


Capacity: 1.5 cubic yards (1.34 cubic meters)

Ground Pressure: only 10-12 p.s.i. when fully loaded

Empty Weight: 550 lbs (250 kg)

Tow Vehicle Requirements: 15 horsepower

Working Width: 58"

Hopper: galvanized steel, ribbed, light weight, ensuring maximum capacity material yet minimizing overall weight