Bearcat WT190
The ECHO Bear Cat WT190 features an Off-set Trim capability. The body of the trimmer can be pivoted up to 13 degrees allowing the cutting line to reach well beyond the left wheel. This makes trimming easy and convenient along retaining walls, fences and other tight areas while eliminating wheel rub.
The WT190 wheeled trimmer comes standard with .155mil nylon cutting line, with specialty Triple Blade Brush Cutter and Sabre Tooth Blade kits available. The 14" dia. Sabre Tooth Blade can cut saplings and small trees up to 4” in diameter while the 14" dia. Triple Blade Brush Cutter makes short work of heavy weeds, cattails and underbrush.

With an ECHO Bear Cat 212cc engine at its core, the ECHO Bear Cat PW3100B, 3100 psi washer is built for the challenge of tackling tougher jobs. From property owners to business owners, it conquers difficult chores with ease and comfort. This washer comes with everything you need to start cleaning.
  • 3,100 PSI Max Pressure
  • 2.3 GPM Max Flow
  • 212cc ECHO Bear Cat engine
  • Axial Pump
  • 1/4"x 25ft. High Pressure Hose
  • Spray Gun with 36" Lance
  • #2.5 Quick Connect Nozzles: 15°, 25°, 40° and Soaper
  • Low Pressure Chemical Injector
  • Built-In Unloader Valve
 MSRP $539.00 
Bearcat 3206 Chipper/Shredder
The SC3206 chipper/shredder is powered by a 206cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. The 21 lb. rotor operates at 3600 rpm at full throttle. Two reversible chipping blades and eight reversible shredding knives provide the most efficient method of turning tree, yard and garden debris into nutrient rich, user ready product.
ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredders use heat-treated chipping blades and shredding knives. The serrated edge shredding knives utilize a staggered pattern to maximize processing performance.
All ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredders feature a changeable discharge screen system. The optional discharge screens provide the user control over end product size, depending on the intended use.
MSRP $1639.00 Reserve yours for spring sale at only $1499.00
Bearcat IG3500E Inverter Generator
The new IG3500E inverter generator lets you bring power wherever you go — from tailgating parties to fishing and camping trips and beyond. Plus, parallel capability means you can combine two generators for nearly double the power – without sacrificing portability.
Inverter generators utilize a different type of alternator than standard generators to generate AC power. The power produced is converted from DC to AC by a computer-controlled inverter module. The engine speed varies depending on the electrical demand, which significantly reduces noise and fuel consumption compared to standard portable generators. The end result is a portable generator with reduced weight and size but, power that is ultra-clean and capable of safely charging your sensitive electronics.
  • 3500 Max AC Output
  • 3000 Max AC Continuous Output
  • 212cc, 4 Stroke
  • Electric or Recoil Start
  • Low Oil Shutdown
  • Receptacles: 1 x 120V 20A Duplex, 1 x 120V 30A Twistlock and 12V DC 8.0A
  • 93 lbs. Dry Weight with Battery
  • 50 State Compliant
  • 57db @ 23ft.
  • 9hrs. @ 50% load
  • Pure Sine Wave Power
On Sale for only $1499
9' Chipper-Model 72928
9" Chipper-Model 72928
MODEL - 72928/74950
Bear Cat 9" Chipper, based on a solid 4" 'C' channel frame with torsion axle suspension, these machines make branches and trees (up to 9" in diameter) disappear. Features include a 15" diameter feed roller containing 10 knife blades, four reversible chipping blades, adjustable 4-sided anvil and an 8" round discharge chute. The 30" diameter, 1.25" thick dynamically-balanced chipper disk weighs 275 lbs. and produces tremendous chipping power.
A triple-banded belt drive generates positive power, and a hydrostatic feed control provides the operator with infinite feed settings for all types and sizes of debris. A telescoping tongue, along with torsion axle suspension, makes towing easy. Service and maintenance is made easy by a hinged disk cover.

Engine Options:
Kubota 28HP Diesel
Kubota 50HP Diesel
6' Hydraulic Feed Chipper- Model 76624
6" Hydraulic Feed Chipper- Model 76624
MODEL - 76624/76628/76635
Features include a 26"x 1" thick, 165 lb. dynamically balanced disc with cantilever design which reduces wrapping while utilizing 4- reversible chipper blades with adjustable 4-sided anvil, a 6.7" rectangular discharge chute, and a live hydraulic feed system with a variable speed feed roller with instant reverse. Our newly developed 'try again' feed system automatically retries to feed limbs. The feed sensor is factory installed and standard equipment on these 6" chippers. The feed roller is 15" in diameter, containing 10 knife blades for enhanced powerful feeding. The discharge chute extends to the end of the hitch for efficient loading and quickly rotates 360 degrees with ease. The 6" chipper is available with a choice of gas or diesel engines. All models have a 6.5"x13.5" feed opening with a wide open feed chute measuring 36"x33".
The triple-banded belt drive provides a better transfer of power. The Bear Cat 6" Chipper also features a telescopic tongue with 2" ball coupler, torsion axle suspension, adjustable jack stand with wheel and adjustable rear stabilizer. The 60" wide trailer is ideal for tight roads, storage and manoeuvrability.

Engine Options:
Honda 24HP OHV Air Cooled
Kubota 28HP Diesel
Briggs 35HP
12' Chipper- Model 7812086
12" Chipper- Model 7812086
Truckloader - Model DL12670
Truckloader - Model DL12670