Lightweight, Flexible And Responsive: the FDS9200 is engineered to handle a variety of turf surfaces, from the contours and undulations of a golf course to the flat surfaces associated with sports field maintenance.
Versatile: The FDS9200 is a high speed dethatcher. It helps to prepare turf for overseeding and is seen as a less intrusive alternative to verti-cutting. the easy height/ downward pressure adjustment feature of the tines allows the operator to quickly go from spreading top dressing to "tickling" the turf
Increased Thatch Removal for Healthier Turf: 
The FDS9200's spring-loaded tines will help create tour quality fairway conditions, relieve sport field surface compaction to quickly allow water and fertilizer penetrate the root zone as well as quicken germination of all types of grass seed.
Maintain Quality Of Synthetic Turf:
The FDS9200 reduces the G-Rating in athletic fields to make artificial turf feel like real grass.



ATM Hydro Mower

The ATM Hydro Mower is described as "Simplicity itself", with fewer moving parts than any other mower of its type. It may be 'simple' to use and service, but it is a top class performer, and the perfect replacement for the highly regarded 30" Scott Bonnar Queens Mower. Manufactured by Australian Turf Machinery out of Tingalpa, Queensland the ATM Hydro Mower has gained an excellent reputation in the greens' care industry and is now part of our lawn bowling care and equipment.
Speed Control
The Hydrostatic transmission provides infinitely variable speed control to the rear roller, giving the operator total control over cutting speeds at all times.
Major Parts
The ATM Hydro Mower parts are identical to and virtually interchangeable with the 30" Scott Bonnar Queen Mower. The following are the parts to which we refer: cutting cylinder, front roller, sole plate, bottom blades and most of the adjustment components.
Pre-lubricated sealed ball races are fitted to the cutter, drum shaft, countershaft and front roller so no further lubrication is neccesary.
Precision Cutting
An easy step by step process to align the blades, rollers and drum to give a truer roll and cut, takes no more than 15 minutes. The Operations and Maintenance Manual is well thought out and helpful making the process easy to understand and accomplish.
The ATM Hydro Mower is also easy to move around the course.

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greensIRON 3900

Consistent, Tour-Quality Greens
Golfers will love the smooth putting surfaces achieved with the greensIRON 3900.

Fast Effecient And Economical.
Our uniquely designed handle bars allow for ease of steering. The Hydro-Gear makes the transition from one direction to the other very comfortable for the least experienced operator. Our rubber tracked drive roller provides superior climbing ability on the steepest, undulating greens and approaches. Load and unload in seconds.

Low Maintenance.
The greensIRON 3900 has a very easy to maintain Hydro-Gear hydrostatic pump, hydraulic motor and Honda motor. Servicing the greensIRON 3900 takes only minutes with only four grease points.

Drive Roller.
39"x6.75", tapered at each end to prevent ridging. Super Turf Trac non-sllip cpvering.

Steering Rollers. 
Two galvanized 39"x4.5" tapered rollers.

Honda GX160 5.5hp engine mounted on anti-vibration dampers. Factory installed oil drain base for ease of servicing.

Hydro-Gear 10cc piston pump and hydraulic motor.

Coverage/ Speed
1000sq ft/min, at the recomended speed of 6-10 mph.

PSI/ Weight
3.6psi/520ibs (236 kg)

Multi-Use Trailler
Steel construction; interior coated with a polyurea/polyurethane liner or aluminum checkered plate to provide effective traction and to help prevent rust, mould and mildew- "ALways Attractive."


greensIRON 6200

Based on the same design as the greensIRON 3900, but with different size roller, the greeensIRON 6200 is used for rolling Lawn Bowling Greens and Tennis Courts. Using the greensIRON 6200 to roll your greens or courts will make them smoother and play faster. The greensIRON 6200 improves the turf surface exponentially, creating a consistent green speed within each rink. and from rink to rink.

Key Benifets
Reduces mowing frequency which increases the life of your mower's blades and bedknives
Reduces recovery time and brings greens into play following top dressing and aeration
Removes morning dew quickly and effectively for a faster pace.
Establishes tournament paced greens without having to lower mower cutting height or increase cutting frequency.
Provides a consistent roll for bowls, on each green.


Drive roller is 62"x6.75" Super Turf Trac coated and tapered at each end to prevent ridging. Two 62"x4.5" tapered galvanized steering rollers.

Honda GX160 5.5 hp engine, mounted on anti vibration dampers to ensure low vibration. Oil drain hose installed at factory for ease of servicing.

Hydro-Gear 10cc piston pump and hydraulic motor.

Recomended rolling speed of 5-7mph

500 lbs (228kg)- 2.78 psi.

Steel tube construction, coated to prevent rust, mould and mildew, easy loading and unloading capability and transportation within each rink and from rink to rink.