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Steiner 450
4 Wheel Drive Tractor
Calling the Steiner 450 a tractor is kind of like saying Mt. Everest is just a big hill. And speaking of hills, you’ll feel like the king of them all with the 450’s powerful engines and hydraulics, wide stance, articulating and oscillating frame, and new hydraulic weight transfer and traction boost system. Throw in easy, comfortable operation, and 25 available attachments, and you’ve got more than a tractor — you’ve got a Steiner.
Engine Options:
32.5hp Kubota 3 cyl Gas
25hp Kubota Diesel
37hp Vanguard EFI Air Cooled
Steiner 450DX Tractor
The new 25-hp air-cooled Steiner® 450DX is the perfect all-around workhorse for consumers who want to mow, blow, plow or dig. With industry-leading maneuverability, stability and comfort thanks to its oscillating frame and articulated power steering, this productive tractor touts four-wheel drive traction. It also offers the ability to work on slopes up to 30 degrees when equipped with optional dual tires on the front and rear axles.
Vanguard 25hp Air Cooled Engine
  Steiner 235

Hard-working muscle packaged in a compact design, the Steiner 235 is a front-wheel drive tractor with the Traction Max weight transfer system. With 
16 available attachments, it has all the tools needed for super-stardom. With the Steiner 235 Tractor, you get outstanding stability and traction. Its compact size, manoeuvrability and ease-of-operation make handling a breeze. Your productivity will soar with our Quick-Hitch™ attachment system that lets you switch out attachments in minutes.

Current Models

235-24 | 25 HP Kubota Diesel Engine

Independent 3/4" core tine assemblies designed for ease of turning while operating. Weight box carries additional weight if extra penetration is needed.
Overall width 45 1/2"
Working width 40 1/4"
Overall height 28 1/2"
Overall length 30"
Main shaft bearings Greasable 1 1/4"
Aerating wheels 7 steel with bushings/pressurized lubrication fitting
Tines 6 per wheel, 3/4" core tines
Aerating width actual 39"
Aerating width effective 45 1/2"
Aerating depth Up to 3 1/2"
Aerating pattern 6 1/2" x 7" (3.6 holes sq./ft.)
Weight 390 lbs. with 4 weights
Catalog # Description
AR240 Aerator, Core with 4 weights


Clean sweep your lawn of cuttings or fallen leaves. Packing action gets much more into the unit before you need to unload.
Overall width 62"
Overall height 52"
Overall length to hitch 82"
Width of pickup 40"
Brush 3-paddle staggered
Depth wheels Semi-pneumatic
Hitch Right, left or center pull
Carrying capacity 24 cu. ft.
Weight 530 lbs.
Catalog # Description
*LS340 Sweeper, Lawn
*Rear Weight bar is recommended


Move dirt or snow with rugged 48", 60" and 72" blades. Features hydraulic power angle and safety trip protection. Reversible cutting edge adds longer life. Comes complete with adjustable skid shoes. The optional scarifier wear edge teeth can loosen hard or packed material for removal or grading.
Angled width 36"
Overall height 19"
Overall length 32"
Blade height from cutting edge 19"
Hydraulic Angling 30°left and right
Skid shoe Adjustable
Forward tilt Spring-loaded
Reversable cutting edge 3" hardened
Ground clearance 14" on Model 430 Max
Scarifier teeth 3/8" x 4" through hardened steel
Scarifier pitch 2" sawtooth edge
Weight 160 lbs./185 lbs.
Optional caster wheel kit replaces skid shoes
Optional 3/4" x 4" heavy-duty cutting edge
Catalog # Description
BD248 Blade, Dozer 48" with Power Angle Hitch


150 mph blowing power; has an 8-blade blower fan and directional discharge chute. Also features an anti-scalp roller.
Overall width 33"
Overall height 18 1/2"
Overall length 26"
Skid size Fixed
Fan 8-blade, welded
Fan diameter 14"
Fan width 6"
Auger speed 175 rpm
Fan speed Same as engine rpm
Air flow 3000 cfm at max rpm
Ground clearance 6" on Model 430 Max
Weight 95 lbs.
Catalog # Description
PB100 Blower, Power with Deflector

 Steiner 48", 60" or 72" Flip Up Decks
Full-floating, 3-blade rotary mowers feature tapered roller bearing spindle assemblies. Cutting height is easily changed with single lever adjustment and is controlled by the front caster wheels and full-length rear roller. High-capacity discharge chutes provide even distribution of clippings. Flip-up deck can be safely serviced and cleaned while still attached to the tractor. Handles enable deck to be lifted vertically over 90° so blades are fully exposed.

Overall width
(w/ discharge chute)
Cutting width 72"
Cutting height 1" to 4"
Spindle Drive Single "V" belt
Spindles Tapered roller assemblies
Blades 3 blades, 24 3/4"
Discharge Side
Wheels 10 x 3.5 semi-pneumatic
Weight 470 lbs
Drive shaft to PTO belt
Catalog # Description
*MD472 Mower Deck 72", Hi-Capacity, Flip-Up
*Rear Weight bar is recommended

Ideal for clearing away leaves, debris and light snow on pathways, parking lots, sidewalks and drives. Hydraulically controlled nylon broom angles for left and right-hand operation. Bevel gearbox driven, with caster wheel flotation control.
Overall width 61"
Overall height 18"
Overall Length 44"
Broom width 54"
Broom diameter 16"
Working width 54"
Hydraulic angling (Left or Right) 30°
Speed of broom 300 rpm @ 3200 engine rpm
Ground clearance 10" (raised position on Model 430 Max)
11 1/2" (raised position on Model 230)
Gearbox Beveled gears
Weight 170 lbs.
Catalog # Description
1RS350 Sweeper, Rotary 54" Gauge Wheels standard
1. See Service Advisory for minor update for 440 Application. NO additional parts required.

Ideal for clearing away leaves, debris and light snow on pathways, parking lots, sidewalks and drives. Hydraulically controlled nylon broom angles for left and right-hand operation. Bevel gearbox driven, with caster wheel flotation control. The RS454 has reversible rotation.
Overall width 62"
Broom width 54"
Broom diameter 24"
Hydraulic angling (Left or Right) 30°
Speed of broom 265 rpm
Ground clearance adjustable height (caster wheels)
Weight 475 lbs.
Catalog # Description
1 *RS454 Sweeper, Rotary 54" Hydro Drive with reverse
1. See Service Advisory for minor update for 440 Application. NO additional parts required.
* Rear Weight bar is recommended
*** 3 Rear Weights recommended

Our durable rough terrain mower is a dependable tool for clearing thick, overgrown brush and grass, designed to evenly cut through tall grass and heavy brush up to 1.5 inches in diameter. The rough cut mower provides exceptional performance for clearing undergrowth in woody areas
Overall width 73" deck with 3-gauge reinforced steel edges
Caster Wheels: 2 optional caster wheels in separate kit
Skid Shoes 2 skid shoes that allow deck to evenly cut all types of terrain without damaging the mower or the ground
Mower drive PTO belt
Spindles Cast iron with 2 sealed ball bearings, 1" spindle shafts
Cutting width 72"
Cutting height 3.75" - 6"
Blades 3 Heavy-duty 24" long, 5/16" thick blades. Optional kit allows outer blade to rotate counter-clockwise for better performance in grassy areas
Discharge Rear discharge with standard baffles, flexible front and rear shields
Weight 430 lbs.
 SLIP SCOOP - 44" Or 48"
A quick, easy way to move loose materials or excavate small areas. Use it for virtually anything that would normally require a wheelbarrow. The optional scarifier wear edge breaks up hard material in preparation for removal or grading. The 44" is a great size for cleaning barn stalls.
Overall width 53 1/4"
Overall height 16"
Overall length 33"
Width of bucket 44"
Bucket capacity 4.5 cubic ft.
Dumping Hydraulic
Ground clearance (transport) 12 1/2" on Model 430
Ground clearance (dumped) 7 1/4" on Model 430
Scarifier teeth 6 - 1" wide
Weight 150 lbs.
Catalog # Description
1 *SS244 Slip Scoop - Hydraulic, 44"
1. See Service Advisory for minor update for 440 Application. NO additional parts required.
* Rear Weight bar is recommended for these attachments

 SNOW BLOWER - 48" Or 54"
Get more work out of your Steiner tractors with the new Steiner SB448 Snow Blower. They have the power and strength to clear the heaviest snow from sidewalks, driveways, small parking lots and common areas. Moves large volumes of snow from sidewalks, driveways and small parking lots. Features a tough 15" serrated auger, hydraulic powered chute that rotates 237-degrees, a durable auger and impeller housing made with 12 gauge steel and reversible, high carbon steel scraper bar. Height of heavy-duty wear bar adjusts with skid shoes. Belt driven.
Overall width 49 1/2"
Overall width 51"
Overall Length 43"
Opening Size 25" high x 48" wide
Auger 14" diameter open center
Blower 20" diameter 3 blade
Width of cut 48" to 53 1/2"
Auger speed 175 rpm
Blower speed 800 rpm
Chute 9" diameter, 190° rotation
Height of cut Adjustable skid shoes, 0° to 1 1/4"
Weight 330 lbs.
Catalog # Description
2SB448 Snow Blower 48"
2. See Service Advisory for Adaption Kit for 440 Application.

Tough 16"-diameter cutterhead is driven by a PTO belt with a right-angle gearbox. Hardened cutters are located to allow movement from side to side, or from top of the stump.
Overall height 34 1/2"
Overall width 18"
Overall length 37"
Cutterhead 24 hardened cutters
Cutterhead diameter 16"
Cutterhead width 3 1/4"
Cutterhead speed 1600 rpm
Cutting depth below ground level 5"
Maximum recommended cutting height above ground level 5"
Weight 250 lbs.
Catalog # Description
SC101 Stump Cutter (For 4-wheel drive units)

Loosen dirt for gardens or turf plantings. Provides 48" working width and a tilling depth of up to 6" in loose soil. Rotor is chain driven and has a solid 1 1/2" steel shaft with 24 cutting tines.
Working width 48"
Working depth 6" maximum
Overall height 29"
Overall width 54"
Overall length 38"
Tines 24 replaceable, hardened
Drive Chain from gearbox
Operation Tractor in reverse motion
Bearings Greaseable
Weight 305 lbs.
Catalog # Description
*TL348 Tiller
*Rear Weight bar is recommended

Out-front deck provides good visibility for two-sided trimming. Single front caster wheel controls the cutting height of the two rotary blades.
Overall width 45 1/2"
Working width 44"
Overall height 79" including wheel shields
Cutting height 2" to 5"
Spindle drive Gearbox and 2 V-belts
Spindles 1" ball bearings
Blades 2
Discharge Rear
Weight 272 lbs.
Drive shaft to PTO belt
Catalog # Description
MC400 Tree Farm Mower 44"
*Rear Weight bar is recommended for this attachment.

The trencher easily follows line of trench. Depth of cut is adjustable with the depth indicator gauge easily visible.
Overall width 37"
Overall length 5' 4"
Overall height 34"
Auger diameter 12"
Chain speed 550 ft./minute
Drive shaft diameter 1 1/2"
Cutting depth 28"
Cutting width 4 3/4", standard
Weight 360 lbs.
Catalog # Description
*TL300 Trencher (4 3/4" chain standard)
*Rear Weight bar is recommended

The turbine power blower has a nozzle that rotates 360 degrees continuous by hydraulic motor. It features an axial flow turbine design and amazing quiet operation. A kickstand allows for easy hook-up to the Quick-Hitch™ system.
Overall width 27"
Overall height 33"
Overall length 67"
Airflow 8000 cfm
Wind speed 114 mph
Wind speed (deflected to front) 78mph
Sound level (while in operator seat) 91 dBA
Weight 235 lbs.
Weight on caster 195 lbs.
Catalog # Description
*PB200 Blower, Power Turbine
*Rear Weight bar is recommended 

The V-blade is designed for easy snow removal. Electro-hydraulic independent blade wing angling allows easy conversion from V-blade to inverted scoop or straight blade while in motion.
Overall width 69 1/4"
Cutting width

Overall height 21"
Overall Length 31"
Blade height from cutting edge 21"
Angling 30°left and right, front and back
Skid shoes Adjustable
Forward tilt Spring-loaded
Cutting edge, 2 position 3/8" x 4" hardened
Weight 248 lbs.
Catalog # Description
BD358 Blade, V-Blade

The vertical auger features replaceable tips and cutting edges, a reversible control valve, and an auger that is driven by an independent hydraulic circuit. It is self-leveling so that straight holes can be made even on hillsides. Requires a 9" or 12" Auger.
Overall width 38"
Overall length 72 3/4"
Overall height 81"
Depth of hole (for all size augers) 42"
Auger torque 600 ft./lbs.
Auger rpm (no load) 115 rpm
Hydraulic pump flow (at 3600 engine rpm) 10 gpm
Relief setting 2500 psi
Oil capacity 27 quarts
Weight (without auger but with oil, mounting shaft & clamps) 445 lbs.
Auger weight

39 lbs.
53 lbs.
Catalog # Description
VA242 Vertical Auger
75-70934 9" Auger
75-70936 12" Auger

Steiner 80" Flex Mowing Deck
The Steiner flex deck lawn mower delivers productivity and a professional cut on flat, uneven, and sloped terrain up to 30 degrees when mounted on the Steiner 450 tractor with dual wheels. This powerful front deck mower provides stronger torque and effective blade speeds to power through turf with a quality cut and clean directional side discharge. Five large front casters and two rear suspension rollers guide four independent 21″ decks to follow the contour of undulating turf with reduced potential for scalping. Whether mowing around bunkers, tee boxes, banks, hazards or fences, the Steiner flex deck powers through to get the job done and done right!