SPIDER radio remote controlled mowers are a unique piece of equipment designed for the maintenance of almost all types of terrain. 

The ILD01 and ILD02 slope mowers are versatile machines capable of mowing fine turf as well as heavy grass on flat areas as well as on slopes up to 55 degrees. The operation is safe, comfortable and productive.
The Spider Mini isa model designed for smaller areas and gardens
Spider ILD02
Radio-controlled slope mower Spider ILD02 is the second product of Dvořák - svahové sekačky Ltd. This machine was first introduced in 2005 and serial production was launched in 2006. Conceptually and technologically this model resembles the Spider ILD01, but at the same time it brings many innovations and improvements. The newly updated drive system enables skid steering which alows the Spider ILD02 to match the productivity of other heavy machinery.
Spider ILD02 is currently the most favorite model of Spider mowers. It has also won many awards all over the world.

The Spider ILD02 is Spiders' largest model offered, at 48" wide and with a rating of 1.73 acres per hour it has the width and speed to get your big jobs done in a hurry.
With features such as a 24hp Kawasaki engine, 8km top speed, 41 degree slope capability/55 degree with hydraulic syncronized winch.
Battery life for the controller is a staggering 20 hours with charging time taking only 2.5 hours.
Spider ILD01
Spider ILD01 radio-controlled slope mower is the first product of Dvořák - svahové sekačky, Ltd. This machine was introduced in 2003 as the very first radio-controlled mower for professional maintenance of slopes. The revolutionary and patented drive system  called the "dancing step" ensures excellent climbing ability as well as unique maneuverability.
Immediately after its market launch the Spider ILD01 generated enormous interest and acquired numerous pretigious awards at many international exhibitions and trade fairs.

The Spider ILD01 is Spiders' mid sized offering, at 31" wide and with a rating of 0.74 acres per hour it is perfectly suited for mid sized jobs.
With features such as a 18hp Kawasaki engine, 7km top speed, 40 degree slope capability/55 degree with optional hydraulic syncronized winch. This value cannot be matched by any competitive machine. The winch works automatically as it is synchronized with the wheel drive, which ensures high comfort of operation.
Battery life for the controller is a staggering 20 hours with charging time taking only 2.5 hours.
Spider Mini

Radio-controlled slope mower Spider MINI is the latest product of Dvořák - svahové sekačky Ltd. At the same time it is the smallest of all Spider mowers, however with its climbing ability and manoeuvrability Spider MINI does not lag far behind the commercial models Spider ILD01 and ILD02. Spider MINI is based on the same idea as the other models, but it is newly fitter with unique chain drive portals, which ensure reliable maintenance-free operation, lower the centre of gravity and make the machine generally simpler and cheaper.
Spider MINI is designed for the needs of customers who have only an occasional need for mowing steep slopes and difficult terrain, but also need a comfortable and safe mower for general landscape or garden mowing.

The Spider Mini is Spiders' smallest model offered, even at only 22" wide it still has a rating of 0.37 acres per hour making it a great pick for smaller properties or large acreages with areas of slopes that were unmowable till now.
The Spider Mini has a Briggs and Stratton 950 engine, 4km top speed, and a slope rating of 30 degrees (58%)
Battery life for the controller is a staggering 20 hours with charging time taking only 2.5 hours and has a range of 100m

See the Spider in action by clicking on the following Youtube links:

Spider ILD02 mowing in tall grass on slopes


Spider mowing the Mona Lisa

Spider plowing snow

Spider mowing steep slopes
For More information visit Spiders' site http://www.slope-mower.com/